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Bennington Nylon Outdoor Flag

US Historical Flags

Typical of Revolution era flags, the Bennington flag features 13 stars and 13 stripes to symbolize the 13 American colonies in rebellion against Great Britain. The Bennington flag features a large “76” in the canton, recalling the year that the Declaration of Independence was signed, 1776.

This flag is an accurate reproduction of commonly exhibited American History Flags and is made on 100% DuPont SolarMax™ nylon providing the best in quality and appearance. This flag is displayed using canvas header and brass grommets.

Available in several sizes.

Bennington Nylon Grommet Flag

Item# Item Name Price Qty Select
060713 Bennington Nylon Outdoor Flag 2ft x 3ft
060714 Bennington Nylon Outdoor Flag 3ft x 5ft
060715 Bennington Nylon Outdoor Flag 4ft x 6ft
060716 Bennington Nylon Outdoor Flag 5ft x 8ft

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