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Plain Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Car Magnet

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Breast cancer is the most prevalent kind of cancer developed in women, making up 25% of cases. While men can develop this cancer, it is 100 times more common in women. In 2012, there were 1.68 million cases of breast cancer documented, leading to 522,000 deaths. However, with proper screening and precautions, breast cancer can be caught and treated in its early stages. Today, in developed countries such as America and England, survival rates are high. This Plain Pink Ribbon Magnet can be used to show others that you have joined the fight against breast cancer, whether you are fighting personally or raising awareness for a loved one.

Dimensions: 8" x 3 7/8"

Price: $5.50

Stock Status: In Stock

Product Code: M-LR-PINK

Plain Pink Awareness Ribbon Car Magnet